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Sizing & Care info

Sizing guide
Height, Waist, Chest, Hip ,Inseam
0-3mths - 57-64cm, 43cm, 44cm, 44cm, 21cm
3-6mths - 65-72cm, 45cm, 47cm, 47cm, 26cm
6-12mths - 73-80cm,47cm, 50cm, 50cm, 31cm
12-18mths - 81-86cm, 49cm, 52cm, 52cm, 34.5cm 
18-24mths - 87-92cm, 51cm, 54cm, 54cm, 38cm
2-3yrs - 93-98cm, 52cm, 55cm, 56cm, 41cm
3-4yrs - 99-104cm, 54cm, 57cm, 59cm, 44.5cm
4-5yrs - 105-110cm, 56cm, 59cm, 62cm, 48cm
5-6yrs - 111-116cm, 58cm, 61cm, 65cm, 51.5cm
Harem leggings
Waist (laid flat), Length (waistband to cuff)
0-3mths - 8cm, 27cm
3-6mths - 19.5cm, 28cm
6-9mths - 21cm, 29cm
9-12mths - 23cm, 30cm
12-18mths - 25cm, 31cm
18-24mths - 26.5cm, 32cm
2-3yrs - 28.5cm, 33cm
3-4yrs 30cm, 34cm
Skinny Leggings
Waist, Inseam, Hips
0-3mths - 44cm, 21cm, 45cm
3-6mths - 47cm, 26cm, 48cm
6-9mths - 48.5cm, 28cm, 50cm
9-12mths - 50cm, 31cm, 51cm
12-18mths - 52cm, 35cm, 52cm
18-24mths - 54cm, 37cm, 54cm
2-3yrs - 55cm, 40cm, 56cm
3-4yrs - 56cm, 43cm, 59cm
Hip laid flat, shoulder to cuff length
0-3mths - 27cm, 49.5cm
3-6mths - 28cm, 55.5cm
6-9mths - 29cm, 61.5cm
9-12mths - 30cm, 67.5cm
12-18mths - 31cm, 73.5cm
18-24mths - 32cm, 79.5cm
2-3mths - 33cm, 85.5cm
3-4mths - 34cm, 91.5cm
0-3mths - 22cm
3-6mths - 23cm
6-92mths - 3.5cm
9-12mths - 24cm
12-18mths - 25.5cm
18-24mths - 26cm
2-3mths - 27cm
3-4mths - 28cm
Waist, Inseam, Hips
0-3mths - 41cm, 20.5cm, 44cm
3-6mths - 43cm, 24cm, 46cm
6-9mths - 45cm, 27.5cm, 48cm
9-12mths - 47cm, 31cm, 50cm
12-18mths - 49cm, 34.5cm, 52cm
18-24mths - 51cm, 38cm, 54cm
2-3yrs - 52cm, 41cm, 56cm
3-4yrs - 54cm, 44.5cm, 59cm
4-5yrs - 56cm, 48cm, 62cm
5-6yrs - 58cm, 51.5cm, 65cm
Care Info
I recommend washing at 30 degrees and are not suitable for use in a tumble dryer.
If you need your item repaired please contact me via email on hellolittlerose@outlook.com